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Best Plastic Surgeon in Karachi

Dr M Ali Adnan FCPS (Plastic Surgery) Cosmetic, Hair Restoration & Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon with expertise in Plastic Surgery he treats all of your Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Issues in fewer consultations. He is specialised in performing minimally invasive treatment Plastic Surgery procedures we always uses advanced treatment procedures while performing the different Plastic Surgery procedures to bring the best positive results with minimal discomfort.

Plastic Surgery

Are you exhausted trying different forms of exercises and have been spending a handsome amount of money, energy and precious time on searching body slimming pills, supplements, body shaping products and crash diets which are not even good for our health and cause severe damage to our digestive system and can cause cardiac diseases and blood circulatory disorders can immensely occur and can destroy your body metabolic system.

No need to get stressed you can now get your ideal body shape within no time that too in the most scientifically proven healthier way.

Which plastic surgery services are available?

  • Liposuction
  • Gynecomastia
  • Abdominoplasty
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Fat grafting
  • Blepharoplasty
  • EYELID Surgery
  • Cleft lip palate
  • Breast Implant
  • Breast Augmentation
Skin Care Treatment Center in Karachi

Exclusive Body Shaping

Body image is very impactful when it comes to build beautiful, bold and stronger first impression and making it long lasting. Well chiseled and models like body is dream of every person. Your dream of rejuvenized body can turn into reality

Every body type is different and needs of everybody is different due to body mass index (BMI) no one can understand it better than a well-trained and well-equipped plastic surgeon expert. Professional and experienced Plastic surgeon in Karachi at IDEAL AESTHETIC & HAIR TRANSPLANT can make it astonishingly possible

Additional and subsidiary fat is one of the biggest hurdles in getting a perfect body shape specifically in the belly area. At Ideal Aesthetic – Hair Transplant we use the most upgraded and efficient VASER Technology with no side effects at all in making our each and every client body stunningly beautiful. Get ready to get amazed and get complimented by your peers.

Why Us Epitome Hygiene & High-end Tools

Hygiene is our top most priority and we try and keep our working place environment friendly and client comforting as much as possible. Usage of international standard tools and equipment is the key that makes us different from others which you can only experience once you visit us.

Over-Whelming Client Service

We have a very kind, devoted and friendly staff members. Our staff thrive to take care of our clients in every possible manner. Our staff is quite responsive and responds to appointments and queries within 24 hours.

Outstanding Treatment

Treatments and procedures we are delivering in Karachi are of the highest quality which we are sure off you have ever experienced elsewhere. Compromising on quality is not our course of action and our happy and extremely satisfied clients are living proof of it.
Do not miss the opportunity to shine your hidden personified aura because getting treated right now from right people can save you from regretting it later.