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Cosmetic & Skin Treatments

Dr Amna is an American Board Certified Aesthetic Physician and Surgeon. Dip. Aesthetics American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. with expertise in cosmetic and skin treatment she treats all of your skin problems in fewer consultations. She is specialised in performing minimally invasive treatment procedures for Skin. we always uses advanced treatment procedures while performing the different skin treatment procedures to bring the best positive results with minimal discomfort.

Skin Care Treatment Center in Karachi

Which skin care services are available?

The Ideal Aesthetic Skin care treatment center provides innovative skin care services.

  • PRP Face and Hair
  • Microneedling Face and Hair
  • Mesotherapy Face and Hair
  • Mesolift treatment for ageing face
  • Collagen Induction Therapy Face
  • Mesowhite treatment face
  • Chemical Peels
  • Fillers and Botox
  • Electrolysis for white facial hair
  • Semi permanent Lip Color
  • Anti-aging Procedures
  • Whitening injections

Our Skin Care treatment center is situated in the zamzama of DHA, Karachi. Ideal aesthetic believes to provide its patients with an affordable and promising treatment to satisfy them with their expectations.

We offer many skin care services to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Our passion that everyone should feel comfortable and happy with their body. Aside from skin care procedures we also deal with all types of hair transplant and plastic surgeries.

For more information on skin care treatments and hair transplant in Karachi, call Ideal Aesthetic or book an appointment online today.